Peer-to-peer via RESTful API!

Hi OptoFans,

A nifty use for our new-in-9.5 RESTful interface: easier peer-to-peer communication between PAC controllers! Here’s a simple example to show how.

This single-chart strategy lets you read and write to tags on a SNAP-PAC-R1 here at Opto 22 headquarters via that -R1’s RESTful server.

Included in this CLIENT example PAC Control Basic 9.5 strategy, you’ll find 5 subroutines:

2 to write (POST) values to a remote PAC,
2 to read (GET) values from a remote PAC,

One “Helper” subroutine that’s called by those four when building the HTTP headers for the RESTful calls to the remote PAC.

Note: you do NOT need to enable the RESTful server on the PAC which will run this. In fact, you don’t even have to run it on a hardware PAC, it’ll run on PAC Sim if you’d like!

You do need PAC Sim 9.5 or better, though, because I do have nested subroutines in here, and those require 9.5 or better to run.

Also note: although we’ve put a Learning Center directly on the Internet, configured for http (vs httpS) for demo purposes, we do NOT normally recommended this practice. See this networking guide for the ways we DO recommend you connect your Opto 22 hardware to various networks.

Let me know what you think!
-OptoMary (27 KB)

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Thanks Mary!