I would like to control an existing PB16H digital board with a [SIZE=2]SNAP-ODC-32-SNK digital output module using the [/SIZE][SIZE=2]SNAPHD-G4F6 [/SIZE][SIZE=2]header cable. The data sheet for the snk module states it will work with a G4PB16H but doesn’t list the PB16H as a possiblility. Since the G4PB16H and PB16H will accept the same brains (currently it is a B1 brain), I assume it will work. Anyone know if this will work. [/SIZE]


Hi Jbradford,

Welcome to the forums. Seems like it should work, but I see in the datasheet (with a picture, even!) that G4PB16H like you said with no mention of the PB16H. I could speculate why it’s not mentioned, but I’d recommend you contact PSG (our Product Support Group) for some FREE! help finding out for sure.