Password Complexity Enforcement

One of our equipment deployment steps is ensure certain password complexity requirements are met.
Is there a way a way to do this in an EPIC? (Ensure password length, special character requirements, etc.)

No, not yet. I say ‘yet’ because yours is the first request we have had for such a limitation.
I will pass your interest on to our software developers.

Opto 22 takes a ‘security first’ approach, and as such we looked to the latest NIST guidlines.
The guidelines we followed can be found here: NIST Special Publication 800-63B
Its a bit of a read, so the core part can be found here: New NIST guidelines banish periodic password changes • Graham Cluley

Thanks Beno,
Outside the air gap we’ve already transitioned to 800-63, inside? /shrug It could be a decade.

As always, I appreciate your ridiculously rapid request returns!