Paragon users? Here's a TTB (Truth Table) block example (chart v. OptoScript example)


Hi All,

Sometimes we hear from people who are using Opto 22 hardware with another company’s software, including long-gone Paragon. The other day we had someone ask about their “TTB” and how that might look in a flowchart or OptoScript.

I took a stab at an example, based on some old documentation (a small snippet included below). The example may also be of use to those wanting to learn OptoScript vs. flowcharts.

[U]Paragon doc/example:[/U][INDENT]The Truth Table shown below illustrates how these functions are set up.

Step 1: This step is used to clear the internal coils and set the outputs and coils to 00000000 0000000000000000 for a fall through condition (no other steps being true). This step is always true because we do not care about any of the inputs or coils. (As a result, the block will set the Step01 output to a 1.)

Step 2: If ALL inputs are high, turn on the DigOut01 digital output (16 input AND gate).
Step 3: If at least ONE input is high, turn on the DigOut02 digital output (16 input OR gate).
Step 4: If the inputs on DigIn01…DigIn08 match 10011101, turn on the DigOut03 digital output (8 input decoder).
Step 5: If DigIn07 is low, set the digital outputs DigOut01…DigOut08 to 10010110
Step 6: If DigIn01, 2, 3, or 4 are low or if DigIn05, 6, 7, or 8 are high, set the DigOut09 digital output.

_ Coil ___ Input __________ Coil ___ Digital ________ Matching
_ Pattern_ Pattern ________ Output _ Output _________ Criteria
1 … … 00000000 0000000000000000 ONE
2 … 1111111111111111 … 1… ALL
3 … 1111111111111111 … .1… ONE
4 … 10011101… … …1… ALL
5 … …0… … …10010110 ALL
6 … 00001111… … …1… ONE

[/INDENT]Here’s what similar logic could look like in a flowchart or OptoScript (I’ve individually named each point, because that’s generally easier to follow than a bitmask like Paragon seemed to require, above).

Here’s the overall flow and contents of that first condition block:

OptoScript equivalent:

Any other Paragon users/examples out there?