PACSIM 8.5c - Can it read from and write to an actual SNAP-PAC EB1 I/O rack?


I need to test out a new Strategy using PAC SIM as I do not have a Physical controller available. I have a SNAP PAC EB1 with several I/O modules that will be installed at a customer site.

My Question is…

Can I actually control EB-1 I/O when my Strategy is running on PAC SIM?

Since PAC SIM is using the Loop back IP adress (, is it able to talk to an EB-1 that has an IP address of say for an example, and My PC’s NIC card is set to



Just in case if anyone else is wondering…

According to “RM_SNAP_PAC_SIM.pdf” I found on this site, it appears that “PAC SIM” can actually communicate with an EB-1 Brain and It’s Rack I/O. I will try it out it in a couple of days and post if it works.


Yes! Well done. Your “control engine” will be set to the loopback address as you mentioned, but your EB1’s address will need to be something yonder that the PC can ping/PAC Manager, etc…