PacDisplay on Intel Compute Stick?

Does anybody have any experience to share whether PacDisplay will run on an Atom-based Intel Compute Stick? I have an existing project where the user would like a couple of tag values shown on a large display. I am wondering if an Intel STK1AW32SC Compute Stick and flat panel TV would be the answer. Thanks.

I asked around the office and there is one guy running PAC Display on the stick.
Said it works well with the basic screen(s) that he needs.

Given the cost, I would say go for it. Keep it simple and it should be perfect for that TV display.

Computer stick? That’s a good idea. It would be better to use it with Groov.
I hope you will let us know what you have used. Thank you!

Thanks, Ben, that’s what I was hoping to hear. I just ordered a stick to try out.

We have used a couple of them. A lot of our applications want big screens with dual monitors back to back so in that case we’ve used the intel NUCs.