PacDisplay Email error -454

Email has been working previously, but now it has stopped and is giving me and error code of -454. I can’t find that in any of the documents. What does it mean?

Using gmail as outgoing server
port 587, encryption tls

Can’t connect to DNS server.

You can look these up in PAC Control, Help Error lookup.

Just an update for any future visitors:
Our main server was replaced and when that happened the IP for DNS service changed. That really threw a monkey wrench into both Groov and PacDisplay sending emails.

Moral of the story; check your DNS and other IP settings.

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Glad you got it fixed.

The better solution would be to use DHCP and prevent the problem in the first place. Problem solved over a couple decades ago.

Except they have Static IPs (for port forwarding) and using DHCP, they likely would have been re-assigned new IPs and I would have lost communication over WAN.

You would set the DHCP server to always assign the same IP. In the IT world, this is pretty much how this is done for anything that acts as a server (Servers, printers, etc.). It keeps your “static IPs” all in one place, you can change/update them in one place, and never end up with a conflict.