PacControlPro 9.3 Broken after HP Driver Update?

Hi Opto Awesomes;

Been working on a new strategy for an older system update, and left the strategy open in PacControlPro 9.3 yesterday. Upon arriving today (4.28.22) all programs were closed and the laptop restarted. so I started PacControl, opened my strategy and started working. I tried to open the I/O Racks to check a point name, and when I tried to expand a module to see the point names, the program crashed and closed. Never got to see the point name :frowning:
so I tried again, and again, all with the same outcome.
I reinstalled PacProjectPro 9.3 hoping to repair any damage, still does not work.

I checked the computers update history, no new update from windows, but there was a driver update by HP.

Computer data:
HP EliteBook
Version 2IH2
OS Build 19044.1645

Update causing problem:
HP Development Company LP
Driver Update installed 04/28/2022

As of now I still can not see the point names of any I/O rack. I will try to delete the module and reprogram it. Anyone else having issues? Any suggestions?


I wonder if the project got corrupted from being forced closed.

Will an archive of the strategy open?

That is exactly what happened.
Archive? had not done that yet…lesson for me.

How did I fix it? I finally could see all but one Analog point. So i took the old strategy, exported the I/O rack in question and Imported it to the new strategy. It asked if I would like to Update the IO rack and said YES!
and now it seems okay. BUT, there was the one point I could not get to, so I have an extra reference on the list that I can not account for. so I can never delete the whole rack (older version of project) because it will always have a reference. The whole ordeal only took an entire day…:roll_eyes:

#1 Always archive your strategy at the end of the day.
#2 turn off auto updates

thanks for the reality check philip.

first rule about scada security is
…you dont talk about scada security…

Glad you got it sorted.
Here are my file → strategy option settings:


I have not yet been caught being unable to restore. (The zip files are auto backed up on a different PC in case of a hard drive fail).