Pac-write to a table

Need some help writing to a table on an R1 controller. I can use the node to write to individual tags, but according to the node documentation this should work, when passed to the pac-write node:

msg.payload = {
tagName : “ntStatusTimes”,
tableStartIndex : 0,
values : [ 1,
return msg

Thank you

Can you provide a few screen shots or cut/paste of the debug tab.
Need a little more info on what you are trying to do and what shows up as an error.

Looks like a clean Object being passed, but the pac-write just returns “Invalid Input”

Using flow variables(4) to keep track of status changes, and how long the tag is in each status, for a day. Then would like to write the flow variables back into a table on the R1 to be used in Groov View.

Here is the table in the strategy on the R1

The simple use of pac-write works fine.

Thanks for all the screenshots, it really helps figure out what’s going on. In this case your values are in the property msg.payload.values, so to configure the node to look for the array there just use the value drop down to select msg. and then fill in the payload.values property.

It should look like this in the PAC write node:

Let us know if that gets you going.

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Thank You!

I knew it was something simple, sorry I now see it was even mentioned in the documentation:
" For example, here’s how a dynamic payload would look for writing several values starting at index 5 in a table called MyTable , with the Value field specified as msg.payload.values :"

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