PAC Subroutine - Invalid File Format

Starting today, when I attempted opening a strategy file, I got this error:

The following exception occurred while accessing file “\Subroutines\AddFloatToStartupRecipes.isb”. Invalid File Format

After clicking OK, I get another warning window:
Can’t load definition from subroutine file: "\Subroutines\AddFloatToStartupRecipes.isb"

This is happening on about 20 different subroutines.

Does anyone know a fix for this?

Did this start happening out of nowhere, or did you update PAC Control (or something else)?

Out of nowhere. Nothing changed from two weeks ago when I did a download to today.

Also, not all subroutines are affected.

By chance those subroutines / strategy files are not on a shared drive are they?
Dropbox, google drive etc?
Sounds like something / someone moved some of them.

If not, I suggest you get hold of our support team and see what they make of it.

They are on a shared network drive. The files have not been moved.

I have emailed support and waiting on a response. Just thought I’d check here to see if anyone else had the issue.