I’m a total beginner at Opto 22 and I tried to use the simulator. The error message said that I need to register the control engine in my computer…!!! I can’t even get out of the starting blocks here…Anybody got the dummy start-up tips for using the simulator without a SNAP-PAC-R2 module connected to the computer?

Hi Innovative1, and welcome to the forums! I’m thinking what you need is in the PAC Sim Readme. Unfortunately we seem to have buried the basic instructions in the last half of the Readme. (We’ll have to fix that.) Anyway, take a look at pages 4-6 and see if they give you a start.

Have you already downloaded PAC Control? It’s free and you’ll need it to configure the controller and start building your control program.

If this doesn’t help, let us know.

Thanks for the quick response Jeanfemia. I am still stumbling a bit. I work for a small company that doesn’t buy the SNAP-PAC-R1 until one week before we sell the device to the end user, so I don’t have one to play with. I want to run the PAC Sim to change the logic flowcharts in PAC Control, before I have to flash the unit and send it to the boys in production. I still haven’t gotten the PAC Sim to do something? It installed on the computer, but when I go to PAC Control, Control does not want to recognize PAC-Sim as a control engine. I stumbled into this position where I think our device was created by an idiot and I have to figure out how it works and why it often doesn’t work. I am reading the OPTO tutorials hopefully I’ll get it going.
What are some things I might doing wrong if PAC-Control will not recognize PAC-Sim as a control engine. It is listed in the control engine list of the hierarchy tree in Control, I set the IP to…???

That’s correct for the IP address (assuming you’re running PAC Control and PAC Sim on the same PC).

Do you see the PAC Sim window showing that it’s running? What’s the error you see?

Here’s a “quick start” video you might find useful:

Hope that helps!

Don’t forget you can contact Product Support for help–call or email. It’s free.