PAC R2 - Delete Archived Strategy

How do I remove an archived strategy from my PAC R2? I’m concerned about security and having an archived strategy in the PAC seems to be a vulnerability.

There is a long answer and a short answer and it all depends on if your process is currently running and needs to keep running if you cant just cut over.
If you can stop and re-download everything, then just go into PAC Terminal and clear the controller flash. (File-> Clear Control Engine Flash).
Then toggle off that option in your PAC Control configuration and it should be gone. (Remember, you still want to save the strategy to flash, just not the archive).
If you need to keep everything up and running then I will need to dig a bit deeper and check some options out.

Thanks for the quick response! :blush:
In our case stopping things is not a problem but it would be good to know what other options we have.

Here is a quick way I found that works:

Like Ben said in Terminal:

File-> Clear Control Engine Flash

This will clear the strategy and the archive, but the strategy is still in RAM and running.

Then open the status in Terminal and click Store to Flash. This will store the strategy back into flash memory, but now the archive is gone.

Edit: Nevermind - the archive still seems to be there after a Clear Control Engine Flash.

Hmmm, thanks @philip This looks like a fun one.
Will need to do a bit more testing.
What if you untick the option in PAC Control and ‘redownload’ the strategy without the archive…?

Yes, that works - as long as you change something in the strategy logic so it downloads again, the archive appears to be gone.

I’m looking for the magic command that just clears the strategy archive - haven’t found it yet.