PAC-R2 communicating via Ethernet/IP, CC-LinkV2 or DeviceNet


We have a machine with a Keyence LR-W70 full spectrum sensor. Configuring this sensor with it’s onboard controls for each production job is problematic and time consuming. I talked to my Keyence rep and he told we could

Use a network communication module and then send configuration settings from your controller (PAC-R2)

It looks like I would need to add a Keyence NU Series module. It supports the following protocols:

  • Ethernet/IP
  • CC-LinkV2
  • DeviceNet
  • EtherCat

OK, so this all sounds great! There is one big gap in my understanding though: How does my strategy actually communicate with this NU model? For example, if I had a button on my HMI that would send a “recipe” of settings (mode, calibration values, etc) to the NU for it to pass along to the sensor, what would the strategy actions look like? Do I need to write custom code? Is there native support? Do the 4 communication protocols listed previously mean anything to my PAC-R2?

I hope this isn’t too broad of a question. I’m missing this one piece and I’m sure once I have it everything else will fall into place.


Of the protocols listed, the SNAP-PAC-R2 supports EtherNet/IP. Our controllers and brains are EtherNet/IP “adapters”. So, the other device needs to be a “scanner”. I can’t see that information in the NU Series specs. That is the first thing to check.

We have a lot of applications where customers are communicating from an A-B Logix PLC (CompactLogix or ControlLogix with ENBT) to our I/O (through an R controller or an EB Brain) or to our controller variables. (via scratchpad) You can see this video and this guide for reference (see Chapter 6 on “Scratchpad”)… EtherNet/IP Assembly Instance configuration for Opto controllers and brains is done with a free tool call EtherNet/IP Configurator.

That said, you’ll see from the video and doc, that some configuration must be done in the A-B PLC software (configuring the Assembly Instance sizes, etc.). So, the question would be how that is done in the NU unit, and if that would result in successful comms with the PAC R. I saw some s/w config tools in the downloads tab of the NU spec.

I think a further challenge would be to download “recipes”. In the applications we have with A-B PLCs, the data exchange is between A-B I/O and/or variables with Opto 22 I/O and/or variables (using scratchpad for the latter). I would be surprised if the NU unit has a “programming environment” where you could push your recipe values into variables.

Sorry I could not solve your application definitively, but perhaps the information I’ve shared with you here may help you determine whether it is possible to do what you need to or not.


I did a little Google foo and wonder if there is not a better way…
It looks like your sensor has IO-Link, in which case, what might work better is an IO-Link to ModbusTCP adapter.
There seems to be a few of these around;

If you go this way, we have a Modbus TCP driver tool kit and you should be up and running in minutes for less money.

This made me chuckle. You may have a future in marketing! :wink:

@philip Yeah, Ok, point taken… I will try and slow down a little, I just know that people sometimes are pushing for quick answers…
What I meant was that it should be a lot quicker to talk to the sensor via ModbusTCP than the other methods that the other interface supports.
As far as getting recipes down via Modbus… yeah, that could take some time.

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