Pac R1 to Automation Direct C More HMI through Modbus

I have a snap-pac-r1w and am trying to connect it to an Automation Direct C-More HMI EA9-T15CL-R Via modbus. The HMI is the master and we have the slave subroutine running in the strategy from the modbus integration kit. For testing purposes we are just using the supplied strategy from the modbus integration kit.

Good news: Coils and Ints work fine.

Bad news: When entering a float variable on the HMI it goes into the Int holding table over two consecutive values, not to the float holding table.

We are using Firmware 10.4e on the PAC with the Modbus integration kit R9.3B

I have a new Keyence HMI as well we setup as well and have the identical issue. I have a bunch of applications using Opto over modbus to talk to other HMI’s, IAI robocylinders, and temperature controllers but they all predate the integration kit. I dont want to downgrade and go to doing it the way before the integration kit - if anything i’ll need to update those to make them more complaint for our network.

I included three pictures.
1: What we are typing into the HMI
2: The HMI variable config for the float.
3: What the PLC is reading into holding registers.

Any advice would be helpful.
floating point Config