Pac Project & Windows 8

Hi There

Here is tip which some of you might like.

To get rid of windows UAC permanently. The old way of moving the slider in control panel only disables the message from popping up before you launch a program. So to disable it properly.

Open regedit, then go to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Policies\System

then open EnableLUA and change the value data from 1 to 0. And restart your system.

And now you don’t have to right click and Run as administrator.

The reason why I share this is I work on windows 8 and had alot of unexplainable errors with OptoDatalink and opening strategies from network drives. And PacDisplay even I couldn’t access network folders. After I did is most of my problems went away.

Hope this could.

cheers EnZo. saves a lot of googling… love reg fixes for things

FYI, from our PSG team we have this caution:

It’s good to know about that tip, although it wouldn’t be anything that we could recommend in general because it completely turns off User Access Control, which is a security measure Microsoft put in. As I understand it, without UAC apps are allowed to run as administrator without expressly requiring the user to start them with admin privileges. It would make life a lot easier, but not as safe.

Also, our QA team mentions that they had:

…experimented with this setting but it would provide inconstant results in regards to the behavior of our Pac Software.

Adding the expectation that our soon-to-be-released 9.4:

will resolve the specific registry issues we had been experiencing; so far so good.

In any case, look for that 9.4 announcement soon. You are all subscribed to OptoNews, yes? And follow us on Twitter, FB, LinkedIn, etc?

Thanks and I also cant wait for new pac project. Because on Windows 8 opto opc crashes from time to time. And then no data goes to my SQL Database then I have to restart the Server to get it up and running again. And its my first site that i use Windows 8 but I saw you guys are working on that issue so keeping my fingers crossed. But I did setup a windows 7 pc with softpac to do only the database for now until the new release. And yes i am on all your social sites.

Keep up the great work.

Maybe you should wait for Windows 9, (codenamed Threshold) to be “presented in public” on the 30th Sept 2014. After which point Microsoft will start to forget about Windows 8 and resolving its many problems.

Windows 8 doesn’t even work properly on Bill Gates’s PC, so I doubt that Opto22 moving PAC controller registry keys out of Microsoft’s registry poop-tray, is going to resolve the rest of Windows 8s’ known problems. Meanwhile for anything which is not playing around with a tablet, I would strongly recommend Windows 7 Professional, this includes PAC Project.

Thanks for the update. I have decided to revert to windows 7 as with windows 8 i have the problem with opto opc crashing and i have to reboot my server. Basicly the data just stops flowing into sql server. But everything works in windows 7. But thanks anyway.