PAC Project problem with communicating with I/Os

I created a diagnostic screen to show the state of the i/os in my strategy but for some reason, they always give an off reading even when they are on in pack control. I did the same thing once before and had not problem so I know I’m doing something different now but I can’t find it. I have attached a screen shot and an RTMSGLOG file. The screen shot shows a green circle indicating an on state but I faked this just to show the intended result of the screen if it’s working properly.

Thanks for any help,
Andre Barclay

I figured it out. I had the I/O Tags configured incorrectly in the run time setup.

Hi Andre,
I’m glad you got it working! (And shared the good news.) From the log it looks like the IP addresses for your I/O Units were, is that what you changed? Just curious.

Hi OptoMary,

I unchecked the control engine in the i/o unit tags under the runtime settings. I hope this as the right fix for the problem. It seems to work fine now but no telling ow it will run on the real thing.