PAC Project on Mac with M1 using CrossOver

Hi there

Has anyone successfully run PAC Project on a Mac using CrossOver?

I’m about to purchase a M1 MacBook and don’t want to take the plunge unless PAC can run as an application using CrossOver

Bootcamp and Parallels are out the picture for now

Do you use PAC Project using CrossOver on an Intel Mac? :scream:

I have. It’s clunky at best.

Parallels is my chosen method. Works flawlessly. Downside isn’t the cost of Parallels; it’s the cost of the Windows license.

Have you tried yet?
They said parallels works, have you tried ?

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Did you tried on a mac with M1 arm chipset on it?
What version of windows do you installed?
I thought you need windows pro.
Do you tried node-red at all?

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I am happy to report that it works perfectly on the M1 MAC with Win10 ARM64 using parallels

best thing about the current parallels setup with ARM64 is that it’s all for free :slight_smile: