PAC Project 9.6004 Script editor color coding gone?

I just installed the latest version of PAC Project, and notice that the color highlighting is gone from the OptoScript editor… is this intentional? It was pretty nice before, now it’s much more difficult to see what’s code and what’s comments.

Never mind… found a similar thread with an answer… couldn’t find it before.

However, that shouldn’t have happened. Do you remember what version you upgraded FROM? Was it also a 9.6 or something older?

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I ‘upgraded’ from 9.5, but I put that in quotes because it doesn’t really do an upgrade- it installs a new copy with a different version number. How I did things is the issue, and it’s really fairly simple in the end.

First thing I did was install the new version. Then when I opened the Opto submenu in Windows, I saw that I had two of everything, but with different numbers (9.5 and 9.6). So, I went back and uninstalled 9.5 to get rid of the duplicate programs- that was where it all went south… the uninstall removed a file that’s needed. So, I uninstalled ALL the versions, and reinstalled the new one, and it’s all good now.

Basically it’s this- to ‘upgrade’, remove the old version FIRST, then install the new version. :slight_smile: