PAC Motion Control

I’m looking at utilising the SNAP-PAC-MCH16 Motion Control module and the accompanying 4 x SNAP-SCM-BB4 Breakout Boards to control 16 x 48V stepper motors. I’ve not used these modules before in our previous PAC systems so I was hoping to pick at the brains trust here and see if anyone had some further info or willingness to share some tips and tricks before I order some parts to play with.

Taking a single stepper motor channel on 1 of the 4 channel Breakout Boards as an example, the “1673_Motion_Control_Users_Guide” documentation makes reference to an inline “amplifier/driver” between the output of the BB4 channel and the stepper motor being driven. The stepper motors on the downstream equipment we are intending to control come supplied with 48V stepper motors.

Does anyone have any suggestions or experience with a suitable compact driver product for this purpose? We would have plentiful 48VDC power available for the 16 drivers but I am ultimately after the smallest form factor possible to do what the BB4’s require and I can’t seem to find any detailed info further to the User’s Guide.

Thanks in advance

I’ve played around with them, only because I bought a rack that had one of those modules on it. I used the DM542E from automation direct as the driver which also works at 48V. It worked pretty well just have to remember to disable the drive if it’s not active. It seemed to overheat the motor it when it was idle too long.


Just realized I used the SNAP-PAC-ST2 module and not the serial version. I don’t think the DM542E would work with that one.


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