PAC Manager send value?

Is there a way to send a value to a specific integer tag in the Brain? I need to enable a certain feature built into the machine. Which requires me to write a value of 1 to a certain tag.

Are you talking about a strategy variable in a controller or an integer in the memory map?

If a strategy variable - then this cannot be done through PAC Manager directly. You can write to the scratchpad and then have your strategy read the scratchpad and write to a variable.

If you are wanting to write to an area of the memory map in the brain, then you can do this in PAC Manager using the Other | Generic Read/Write if you know the address. Strategy variables are not in the memory map so they cannot be accessed or written here.

Yeah it is a strategy variable. I just made a screen in PAC Display and now they can change it to a 1. They were just standing there waiting and I know PAC Manager was loaded on the PC already. Was just hoping it could be done.
Thanks philip.