PAC I/O Rack Simulation. How?

How can I simulate I/O point values (From EB1 I/O Racks)?

In other words, simulate point values without actual required EB1 racks connected to the controller while running a strategy.

My R1 controller is Simulated as well (PACSIM). I do have SoftPack, but prefer not to use it since I want to run everything at Version 8.5 (PacDisplay & PacSim).

Can someone point me out to any docs or give me a simple rundown on Pac I/O Sim 101?


Yes! You can just un-check the box (on your I/O Unit configuration) called “Enable communications from control engine” so PAC Sim doesn’t try to talk to your non-existent EB1s, and then check out [U][B]this post[/B][/U] for options on manipulating the individual points (you’ll just use i-vals since you have not x-vals).

Thanks OptoMary,

It appears that I values Can only be written to within PacControl. Is this a true statement or are there any other methods that can write directly to iValues of Inputs? Does OptoOPC allow one to do this (write from a Client app directly to iValues in PacControl)?

It would be nice if PacDisplay incorporated a feature where it can Write iValues directly for Testing and Simulation purposes from screens. Only way to do it now From PacDisplay is to create equal # of simulator Tags in PacControl and manipulate the simulator tag values from PacDisplay.

So in PacControl I have an OptoScript block assigning values to my Disabled EB1 Rack inputs…

IN1 = Sim_IN1 // IN1 is an actual I/O point in a EB-1 Rack.
IN2 = Sim_IN2
IN3 = Sim_IN3

INn = Sim_INn etc. etc.

So without using the iValueTurnOn(IN1) and iValueTurnOff(IN1) commands in PacControl, i can get PacDisplay to manipulate my iValues for inputs by manipulating my Sim tag values.

However, this method gets very tedious when you have 100’s of I/O points. Hence why I am looking to see if there is another option available to write to iValues directly from an external source.

In addition to Disabling the I/O Communications in PacControl, I’ve noticed that I also have to [B]disable[/B] PacDisplay’s Runtime “[B]Read Tags Directly From These I/O Units”[/B] option. Otherwise, PacDisplay screens do not reflect current iValue states in PacControl.

Thanks again for your help.