PAC Display with non-Opto22 Controller?

Is it possible to use PAC Display with non-Opto22 controllers?

Hi mchristisen,

Welcome to the forums! One of my favorite things about OptoStuff is how well it can “play with others” – via OPC, UDP, and any number of other TLAs (Three-Letter Acronyms) and more.

Can you tell us a bit more about what you currently have, and where you’d like to go with it?


Hello, we are having a new piece of equipment installed that comes from the factory with a Modicon. I would like to display alarm information from this controller without the need of first transferring them into an Opto controller. I gave a quick look through the PAC display manual and did not immediately see how it could communicate with non-Opto.

Hi mchristisen,

PAC Display can use OPC, so that might be an option.
Also, if your Modicon device uses Modbus, take a look at our OptoEMU, it can pick up 64 registers of Modbus addressing, PAC Display can then link to that. No programming required and you can pick up some CT’s or pulse inputs if required.