PAC Display Tags not updating

I don’t like making new threads on existing issues, but I have now had this issue on 3 different sites across the country this morning. I am not sure if Windows did some 10 updates last night but I have sites not updating tags in PAC display. The only time the tags update and values change on the screen is if I take another window in display and drag it across the other window. I have done all the exception tricks and settings.

Not sure where to go next… I am pointing a finger at windows as this has now happened overnight?

ok some updates - It seems to be anti-virus related. Last night some virus definitions were updated across the planet due to an outbreak. Once again anti-virus packages are causing pac display issues.

I have managed to get one site working now by resetting all exploit protection settings (I removed older settings and created it again) and creating new exceptions in the anti virus for the folders containing strategy files and for PAC installation files.

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I had an issue to, it was on a HP Laptop, I turned off the fire wall and everything was fine. So i went into windows defender and created a rule for Incoming Ports 22001 and 2001 and it seems to fix it.
Looks like a windows thing

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