PAC Display suddenly can't read window on startup


I’m working on my first SNAP-PAC project and using PAC Display to create an HMI. Everything was working great with my display project for awhile, but now suddenly PACDisplay cannot load my main window on startup of both configurator and runtime. The error indicates there is a problem with the window’s ID (see attached pic). I’ve tried looking around in the .INI file and changing a few things (after saving a backup of course) but nothing has worked. Is there any way to fix the “window’s id” or somehow recover window? Or do I have to completely start over and build window again from scratch? Thanks for any help you can give.


Hello jakerjaker,

Welcome to the forums! Sorry to hear you’re having trouble. I strongly recommend you contact our friendly and very experienced Product Support group. It’s free!
(Just email the information you posted above to