PAC Display - SendString

I noticed that when I call the SendString command PAC Display 9 retains the last value that I sent. I can see how this would be convenient in certain circumstances, but not so much when the string that I want to send is a user password. Anyone come across any work-arounds to this? Any way to clear this last-value retention?


Hi Dan,

Thanks for bringing this up. I noticed the behavior is different between versions of PAC Display, and I’m looking into finding out why. Had you been using an older version and noticed this changed when you upgraded?

Seems to me that ideally, which way it behaves should be selectable by the person building the project. As you mentioned, I could also see how in some cases it would be nice to have it “retain” the previous value entered by the use and other times not. Thoughts?


Totally agree, Mary, with the idea of the developer and/or user being able to configure this. Yes, I was previously using version 8.x of PAC Display, and didn’t [B]notice[/B] the behavior. It might have existed, I don’t think so, but it might have.

Hi All,
We have a 9.0 Beta and the soon-to-be-released 9.1 which include this new option to let you decide which way to go: clear the dialog or not. Yay! Up to you!
This option will be found under PAC Display Configurator’s menu: Configure->Runtime on the Security tab.

Be sure you’re subscribed to OptoNews so you know exactly when 9.1 is released. Some other nifty features in there too! If you want it sooner, contact PSG if you’re willing to try the BETA.

Perfect, looking forward to getting my hands on that. Thanks, Mary, for the head’s up.