PAC Display, Sending a user entered value to multiple SNAP-S/R controllers

Is there a way to send a user entered value from PAC Display to multiple SNAP-R/S units?

Tried using Send Value linked to two PLCs. This kind of works, but causes PAC Display to ask the user to enter the number multiple times. Also just could not get Send Value to link to a third PLC and be accepted by PAC Display Configurator.

Looks like one way is for PAC Display to send it to one PLC and then that PLC send the value to the other PLCs via the Scratchpad.

Just hoping for a simpler solution.

I’m a bit rusty, but it is as you describe. PAC Display will ask for a value for each controller you have configured for that operator driven attribute.
If you configure a button to send a set value, it will ask you to click the button once for each controller. This allows you to ‘cancel’ any controller you don’t want to send the value to.
It should send to three or more controllers, not sure why not there, might be something you need to raise with support.

One controller relaying to other controllers via the scratch pad is how everyone has been doing it for years till PAC Display added that one-to-many function.