PAC Display Security

In the past, I have always created a window with a password when I want something protected. Now, I am trying out the security features of PAC Display.

The only issues I am having so far is Runtime requires someone to sign in at all times. Also if I set a user to sign out after inactivity, they don’t seem to be actually signing out after the allotted time.

Anyone know how to have a basic user that don’t need a password, and whether or not the inactivity issue is a bug?

Thanks for any help.

As far as I can remember, PAC Display ties into the windows domain user/pass system, so yeah, it will require someone to be logged in at some stage.
As each user logs in, they should be tracked for their user activities.

Unfortunately I don’t have time to try and reproduce your inactive log out issue, drop our support team an email at support at opto 22 dot com and they will help resolve that one.