PAC Display Scroll Option?

Dear Sir/Madam,

If the PAC Display Project is developed with (1920X1080) resolution Monitor.
And when I am Opening it with (1360X768) resolution Monitor. Then the screen is not fully showing.
Is there any option of scroll or something?
Kindly provide a solution.

Thanks & Regards,

I would love to see this changed as well. Not only what Aanand is talking about, but also what I am trying to do. I recently made a drawing of the entire facility and would like to put it in PAC Display as twice the size of 1920x1080. Then be able to scroll up/down, left/right to the different sections (like you can in Acrobat Reader) to view this in PAC Display Runtime. Trying to make an interactive map.

I also need help with this. I developed screens for one size monitor and I now need to use on another. I chose scale and changed screen size. Everything is out of whack. I did disable the system property “Show window contents while dragging”. Thank you.

I really need to re-do this video;

But we mention in here about how its important to find out your deployment screen resolution and be sure and build to that rather than the screen size your computer has.
The ‘re-scale’ function is clunky at best and it is far better to build to the size you need to start with.

It’s important to know that PAC Display uses some Windows DLL (Dynamic Linked Libraries) that are not forgiving or able to resize. This Windows limitation is one of the reasons that we developed groov and ensured that it used SVG or Scalable Vector Graphics.

As for adding drag bars, I am not sure that will not cause issues to existing projects so would be something we would have to consider very very carefully. (Also, it would be possible to have active alarms/events or data display off the screen and this could easily cause an operator to miss that critical information and do some real damage).