Pac display runtime stop updating tags in one screen

We are using PAC display configurator basic v R9.4g software. When start project runtime and after some time tags at one of screens stop reading as in attached picture while other screens running normaly, it keeps like that until restarting run time again!!! What can cause like error and how to solve it? attached also exported event log file when error occurs.

What are you reading from? A pac-r or pac-s controller? Have you checked your voltages?
Also can you provide the specs of the pc? I have had a similar problem before and it required a pc with dedicated graphics and more powerful (although I have had a project running on an Intel nuc that has integrated graphics for the past 6 months without an issue)

Are these quantities obtained from remote IO? If yes, check the power of the remote module, the power supply voltage is low will cause some modules to read data is not normal.Confirm that the power supply voltage is 5 - 5.2 VDC.

I have been having a very similar issue. We are also running vR9.4g.
We are using a pac-s controller. We have an identical computer running a much more complex but similar program that does not have these issues so IMO it can’t be the specs of the PC, though I can provide the specs if need be
Some quantities are remote IO points, others are just float variables. I have checked the voltages to the racks, they are between 5-5.2vdc.