PAC Display Runtime Professional switches off automatically


i have a problem with a PAC Display Runtime Professional (Version R8.0k). It switches off automatically. In the Pc-Managment i can see an error “Error reading browser database - Cannot open file C:\WINDOWS\system32\OptoCom\BDB\Bdb0001” and 380 minutes later it will be switches off and another information were registered: “An orphan client connection has been detected. Total client connections (including orphans) = 2 - doc = Client1” and “An orphan client connection has been removed. Total client connections (including orphans) = 1 - doc = Client1”. The error comes every day, but not at the same time. Who can help me? Thanks for your ideas…


Hi Dirk,
Welcome to the forums! For this one, you’ll want to contact our product support group (it’s free!) and possibly consider upgrading to the latest-and-greatest PAC Project.