PAC Display Runtime Not Updating

I’ve got a customer with PAC Display Pro running on a Windows 10 computer. Most of the time, when starting the runtime it will read the values from the PAC (R1) once but then not update after that. I have to restart runtime 2 or 3 times before it starts updating. I’ve added the runtime application to the Windows Defender exclusions list and I believe it’s in the allowed list in the firewall. The computer is not running any other antivirus software. Any thoughts as to what else could be causing this issue?


Have you tried the following setting:

Windows Security
App & Browser Control
Exploit Protection Settings
Program Settings
Add an exception for program name
Set override to off on “Randomize memory allocation (Bottom-up ASLR)”

Or DisplayR.basic.exe if you are using Basic.

@Joey1 Philips summary comes from the bottom part of this thread:

If you need to dig into some other solutions, that thread is gold.

Try running Pac Display under older version of windows by using compatibility troubleshooter for the executable. I had the same problem in the past.

Sorry I didn’t update this sooner. Philip’s solution seems to work. I’ll update if it stops working. Thanks for your help.