PAC Display Runtime Freezing on startup

I recently updated a tag link in PAC Display Configurator (actually two links but no new links were created). When saving Configurator and loading Runtime, Runtime freezes while the following message is given

“PAC Display is currently performing the following, Verifying and reading data for window xxx.W0000” yet runtime fails to initialize any further.

Any thoughts?



Does it still open cleanly in PAC Configurator?

Are you using an SSD? I ran into file corruption problems twice, about a year apart. The modified *.W0000X would save incorrectly and become unrecoverable in Configurator. Hopefully you have a backup. One suggestion made by opto support was to make sure in the power settings that the SSD was set to never power down. I haven’t had the problem since I did that, but it is hard to say if really fixed it. I make more regular backups now.