PAC Display Runtime doesn't read/write EPIC PR1

Just fired up my first EPIC controller and configured PAC Display to interface to it. Found some (not so…) interesting things and it’s kinda becoming a bit of an issue.

A - PAC Display will not read I/O directly from the PR1. I had to disable the option ‘Read tags directly from these I/O Units’ for it to show any physical point data. Variables were fine it was only the I/O

B - Cannot write from PAC display to a PID output. I have manual overrides for users to fault find and one thing is to have the ability to put a pid into manual (works from PAC Display) and to change the output. The logs show this:

Digital outputs seem to be OK, can write directly to them.

Am I missing something here?? Is there a secret hidden option somewhere that allows direct access to the I/O?

Latest EPIC firmware, latest PAC project. Latest firmware in EPIC modules.

Well I figured out the issue with writing the PID output value. If you have ‘Enable Runtime Operator Action Logging’ ticked, it will cause this error (it might cause other Runtime errors with the EPIC but haven’t seen or noticed anything else).

If anyone else sees this error, hopefully this is the workaround.