Pac display question

Hello everybody, I’ m new here in the forum and I’m happy to have become part of this team! I have a question regarding pac display. Does anyone know if I can show motion of several objects in my project? For example, I ‘d like to show objects, lets say bottles, on an industrial line moving as the line is operating. I’ d like to create something like the project shown on this video: at 0:19 where we can see the bottles moving.

Hi, Gio 13:
you can show motion of objects throw the Visibility/Blink method in Graphic Dynamic Attributes, you can download the PAC Project Demo application, in the demo, there is a beer factory example for your reference

PAC Project Demo dowload site:


Thanks leeveney for your answer. I know the Visibility/Blink method, I just wanted to know if i could make graphics more “lively” by making them move during the process. I 'll check the demo you mentioned!

with the new version of pac display (i think since pac pro 9?), you can use gif images in your project (View->paste from file->import gif). if you can make an animated gif (irfan view should do it) and use the visibiliyy/blink attribute, this should make your graphics come alive!
i hope this helps

Hi All,

If you haven’t already watched Ben’s “PAC Display Tips & Tricks” video, I strongly recommend you do that now, to save yourself some time and frustration later. Also, use caution when doing animation. As Ben explains at our [URL=“”]FREE! training here in Temecula, about his hospital project, sometimes the animation won’t work as you expect once your project gets large, and can be more confusing then helpful.

I’ve tried using animated gifs in PAC Display Pro with mixed results–sometimes it crashes (I’ve submitted a bug report on that one). However, one nifty thing you’ll find in 9.0 and newer: there’s this “rotate” option, for example, if you want to spin a fan or something. No strategy modifications or blink stuff required!


thanks everybody for your interesting answers!