PAC Display Issue

Hi all. It’s been awhile since my last post. I quit my job of over 23 years in February and just getting back into things. I have had some issues with PAC Display in the past and here is a new one I have come across on a project that was completed over a year ago.

In runtime, it recognizes a command. Example: Pushbutton, changing a value, but it won’t read values from the R1 controller. It just leaves the number sign (####.##) where there should be a value. So they are able to “Home” the machine, but it does not populate the value of where the axis is at.

We are using PAC Display version R9.6f Build 0092 (PAC_Project_R9.6003-86). They have been running the machine for about a year now and this problem surfaced.

Any ideas out there?

Check the power of your controller. If DC5V power is less than 5.0V, there will be a strange problem.

Not only is the 5.0V important but the Amps even more so. If your Amps (must be 3A if I recall correctly) are too low the 5.0V mean nothing

Ok, so just got done troubleshooting all afternoon on this problem. Power supply is good. Comm connections are good. Brain is seated good. … The reason there were ###.###'s as my values is because the Brain lost all its Persistent Values. Can anyone answer how often can this happen? What can cause this? All the axis configuration data was lost for this machine. It did not lose the PID configuration though.

Firmware updates will do this.

Programming the wrong strategy into your controller can too.