Pac display - Email Issue

Hi all,
Initally for sending out alarm we use system default on pac display which would look for outlook to send.
Now we are trying to use other options like custom or gmail. But while setting up no options seems to work (Error like SSL, Bad login, server issue). Can anyone help me out on this?

In the case of gmail., have you generated an application specific password?
This is no longer optional and must be done to send machine emails.
You can read our blog and download the tech note here:

But the one which we use is office 365 - our own domain. Even this doesnt seem to work. In groov epic setup works great whereas pac display doesn’t.

So, you can send test emails in Groov View but not PAC Display? I know Microsoft has also been getting away from basic authentication with emails, preferring modern authentication.

If it does not work at all, I would look into your exchange settings. This might be disabled by default.


The system default sending out email through outlook from pac display works great, but using custom option doesnt work (SSL problem, undefined user, sometimes even pac dispkay crashes). Something to do with microsoft that it no longer supports this sign in of smtp email in pac display?

Exchange settings from admin side? Currently my email has pop and imap which are enabled for let devices and apps use.

I think at this point contacting our support team would be the best option.

What is the reason that you can’t use the default setting?
I have not had much luck with the custom settings, but default seems to be fine.

One of our client has their smtp email to send out alarm but they say smtp email cant be used in any desktop application like outlook. If you provide me the reasons on why it wont work, then I can show them the reasons on why it wont work and we can use someother email address logged into the outlook to get the system default working. Additionally, they also have SOX compliant they cant create any generic email accounts too.

I do not know the cause of the particular issue your customer is having.
I do know that I started having issues with this when Windows 10 came out.
It is hard to tell if it is because of the OS or the mail services.
I have moved away from using PAC Display and PAC Control to send emails.
If I want a reliable way to send messages I use Events in groov or Node-Red.
Recently I have had Verizon text messages bounce back which may be because Version is tightening up security due to spamming.