PAC Display Configurator crashes when trying to import [a lot of] Alarm Points

Hello again all,

I’m finishing up a huge PAC project and the last thing I need to take care of is setting up all of my alarm points in PAC Display Configurator. I have, admittedly, an absurd number of points (> 800) that I need to configure.

To that end, I set up the first few by hand in PAC Display Configurator and then exported them to a *.adl file. I then opened this file as a *.csv and went to work adding more alarm points. (Almost) all of my points correspond to indices in Numeric Tables in my Strategy, so it seemed like a simple matter of adjusting table indices in the *.adl / *.csv file.

I was able to add all of my alarm points to this *.csv without too much fuss (and in much less time), and I saved it as both a *.csv and as a *.adl file for re-import.

The trouble comes in when I try to perform the import. At first, I tried to import my (again, very large) *.adl file directly. This causes PAC Display to try the import, think about it awhile, eventually become unresponsive, and then crash hard.

I next tried to break my *.adl file into smaller chunks by keeping the file’s headers in place and simply putting about 1/3 of my alarm points into each file.

When I try to import one of these partial files, I’m met with an Unexpected End Of File error, after which it appears that at least some of my alarm points have been imported, and then ultimately followed by an alert that the import has failed…

When I acknowledge that alert, it seems like PAC Display Configurator then imports copies of each alarm point (e.g., AlarmName gets an AlarmName - Copy) ad nauseum until I end up with AlarmName - Copy Copy Copy… and the program either crashes or has to be killed via Task Manager.

I know that this is hardly the orthodox means of setting up Alarm Points, but for the sake of efficiency and for my own sanity, I’d really prefer not to have to add all of them manually.

If anyone has any thoughts on the matter, I’d be glad to hear them.
And I apologize for the absurdly long forum post

Thank you all for reading this far…

Please get this to support @ opto 22 dot com.
I think there is a fix for Alarms in PAC Display, it might be the same issue…