PAC Display Configurator 9.6

I was wondering if anyone could provide any insight to what the “Auto Correct Tags” is attempting to do these days.

It seems unpredictable in practice. In earlier versions (<= 9.4) after doing a Find & Replace Tags,I would regenerate tags and then auto correct to ensure graphics would be properly linked to variables, inputs, outputs, etc. Display would then pop up the results in a WordPad window.

Often times in 9.6, auto correcting will seemingly hang the program for a long period of time and then pop up a window with hardly any (if any) results. If it comes up at all. I’ve had to force close the application when it seems to be stuck (since there is no real progress indicator).

It also doesn’t seem to stick to specifically selected windows when auto correcting, or at least not consistently. Sometimes I’ll pick one window to auto correct tags on, and it will do only that window. Other times it tries to do the entire project, even if I’ve chosen only a single window.