PAC Display Configurator 9.4 Moving through Windows Problems

Hi there, i’m having a problem using PAC Display configurator 9.4, when i have more than 9 windows in my project ( in this case i have 40 windows), i need to move through the windows using the “Bring Window to Front” but when i choose one windows there it does not work, this don’t bring the window to front so i can’t move through my windows and can’t work. This problem it is not present in PAC Display 9.3 it works fine, but my strategy it’s created in PAC Control 9.4 so i need to use the PAC Display 9.4, what can i do? there is a way i can save my PAC Control strategy from 9.4 to 9.3 so i can use the pac display 9.3 instead?

This is a known problem; please review this KB article;

Contact support, they may have a solution by now.