PAC Display Configuration/ Runtime lag?

So don’t know if this is typical…but I have a downtimer running and count downs fine in PAC Control when I watch it, but the text I have it directly tied to in PAC Display Configurator/Runtime doesn’t update at the same time. It sometimes skips numbers too trying to catch up, I suppose.

The display -occasionally stays- at 1 when the Control says it’s 0 and will not move to 0. My clock on the PAC Display also will sometimes skip a second.

Any ideas?

Check which refresh group the tag is connected to.
Then check what the update rate on that group is.

In Configure mode, click on Configure -> Refresh Times. (After checking the group number on the counter tag)

It is in group 0,refresh time 50 ms. If I have several groups with the same refresh time (50ms) and assign different tags to these different groups, does that help on display update time? Is assigning different tags the same group with refresh time 50ms doing the exact same thing?

I still don’t understand why Display would display a different value than what the value in PAC control is.

Sounds like you could be slamming the controller too fast to keep up w/those PAC Display requests and it can’t keep up. Do you know how to check your “Comm Loop” time? Can you put the timer you’re looking at in one group (like one of those 50 ms groups) and make all other groups something much slower, like a few seconds? That would help to see what’s going on.