PAC Display Config Recipes

I have a client that wants me to change the directory of where they store the Templates and Recipes. I type in the path (which will be a mapped drive on a server) they want me to use and it will not save it. How can I make PAC Display save the path correctly. It seems I physically have to have that drive available when I change the path?

I vaguely recall that being the case (we saved them to a network drive at the hospital).

Flick support an email, that’s the sort of thing they would know for sure I suspect.

Doesn’t matter what you type in the Directory box, it isn’t saved - even if the path is available. You HAVE to use the Log From button. Looks like a bug to me.

You are correct. I had to install 3 USB flash drives (I needed drive letter F:) and created temporary folders to simulate the path and used the Log From button to get the path to save. I’m good to go for now, but yes, seems like a bug.

Thanks for the responses.

For future reference, you can assign a specific drive letter to a USB drive (or any other drive) through Disk Management. You could also map a network share to a specific drive letter.

You can map a network drive onto your local computer even - this is probably the fastest approach. Just map to \\localhost\sharename. If you have admin rights you can use \\localhost\c$