PAC Display: Combo Box?

I see how to add items and even dynamic values to the combo box control. However, I am not seeing how to set the box on load to one of those values? Are there not control engine driven attributes like with other controls? I am missing something I know it. Thanks in advance! :slight_smile:

Edit: This is driving me somewhat crazy. Is it really possible that we can’t set the combo box to an index or default value at load? I thought about displaying a text field on top of the combo, but the combo has no z-order. Must be missing something…help please!

Here is a screenshot of my edit window…

After speaking with Opto support, it doesn’t look like you can set the initial index of the combo box control. I have no idea what you could really use this control for without an initial index/value from the controller? Maybe triggering a one time event?

I can workaround by creating a a “legend”. The user can then select an “index” value from the list to populate a text box. Not ideal…please let me know if anyone has come up with something better.

FYI, here’s the official word on how/why the combo box works:

The combo box will always initially appear with a blank item showing. The reason for this is: once an item is selected, any action associated with that item will occur. So, if it were to initially display with, for example, a Send Value command, that command will immediately be sent. For the most part, that is probably NOT what someone would want. So PAC Display plays it safe and forces the operator to choose an action.

Hope that helps!

It is really no different than a text box control. In the case of the combo, we are already loading in multiple values from the control engine…so we would need a new dynamic property…maybe something like “Default Text in From Control Engine”. If it didn’t match one of the preloaded items, then it wouldn’t show. That simple right? :wink: