PAC Display Attributes and Recipes

We are trying to develop a universal display program for the machines we build. There are a few things I would love to see in future updates for PAC Display. One of these has a lengthy work around, the other does not.

  1. When using the “Send Value” Operator Driven Attribute, I would like to see the Min Value and Max Value as Fixed (like it is now) or Tag Driven. I have thought about the effects of this and I thought of these solutions:

-Add a Radio button that switches from fixed to variable limits. This would allow you to assign tags to the Min and Max Value.
-Create a new Operator Driven Attribute called Send Value with Tag Limits (or similar). This will be a “Prompt for Data” only and it will have the Tag Name and a spot to put your User Message and Min/Max Tags.
-When the keyboard pops up, you can see the fixed data limits in this screen. Make it possible to edit the User Message and Min/Max values after a successful password has been entered.

  1. When using Download/Upload Recipe, make the Directory “Fixed”(like it is now) or a “String From Strategy”. Clients are wanting to secure these recipes on their servers vs at the machine. The path is becoming a problem as we move forward. Again, we want to develop one universal display program. Currently, we have 6 different versions and hoping to simplify this.

I am interested if there are other options too.

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Possible workaround item 1.
Don’t use the limits, then in pac control, use script to check the sent value, against your dynamic limits.
Possible workaround item 2.
Instead of recipes, provide path string in display and use it in control to transmit or receive file including up address.