PAC Display and Recipes

We have always had problems with recipes. Each recipe file contains about 1250 Floating point values. First problem is it takes too long to Download a file (sometimes 8-10 seconds). I initially thought it was because we were running on a wireless Ethernet connection. I don’t believe that to be true any more. Secondly, when you “upload” a recipe file it comes up with this annoying error window that says “Error in line 92 (or 127 or whatever) of the upload recipe template”. Sometimes it takes 3-4-5-6 tries before it actually saves it. And yeah, I did not have to fix the template file. It just finally makes it through the save.

With that said, I always thought it was because of the wireless connection. However, I recently set this up to run on the local computer using PAC Display and SoftPAC and it hasn’t improved at all. I figured it would be very fast for the Download recipe and the Upload Recipe (without errors). I have tried everything. Things I tried:

I updated the software to current. (R9.5002-339)
I disabled virus software and firewall.
I made sure only 1 window was open in PAC Display Runtime.
I made sure there was a 1ms delay in each chart that is running in the strategy.

Things that might be helpful:
I am running Windows 10 64bit (it didn’t work right on Windows 7 either)
The scan time in SoftPAC is less than 1 mSec. Usually runs at .10-.30 mSec or 100-300 microseconds.
This is a brand new Lenovo All in One PC. The only software I loaded is Acrobat Reader, Chrome and PAC Project.
I am using only 1 instance of PAC Display.
There are only 5 Charts running in the Strategy on SoftPAC.

Can SoftPAC and Display Runtime do this and do this fast? Am I asking too much of this?

I am suppose to have this prepared for a Product Show next week. Imagine trying to show a potential client how to save a recipe to the local hard drive and these errors keep coming up or the Download is really slow. I guarantee nobody wants to hear what my boss said if I can’t get this to work correctly.

I am open to any suggestions here. Is there a faster way of doing this? Any help would be appreciated.

This reply probably comes to you too late, but since you have soft pac, the controller file location is the hard drive and you can read/write to a file from within control and make your own “recipe”.