PAC Display Alarm Point Importing Clears Reference Count


I am trying to import an ADL file (comma delimited) for alarm points and when I do, it sets all of the Reference Counts to 0. I even tried to just export the alarm points I had and reimport the file without modification, and the Reference Counts are reset to 0 when I reimport. I noticed that when I click on the alarm point to modify the numeric table alarm point tag, a window pops up saying “length of table has changed.”

It seems like there is an issue with the export/import of ADL files, unless there is something that I am missing?

Any help would be appreciated.


Sounds like it might be a bug.
Please email this issue to and get them to take a look.

I think I figured it out. The Event History Table on all of the windows had their references to the alarm points cleared out. I had to re-add all of the alarm points to the Event History Table in order to get my Reference Counts back up to where they should be.

Not sure why importing Alarm Points clears out the Event History Table config, but it was definitely easier to re-add to the Table than to reconfigure all of my alarm points by hand.

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Nice work, thanks for reporting back what you found, makes the forums a very powerful resource.

Hi gausfres,

I am having trouble importing alarms as well. Do you mind explaining what the Event History Tables are or how to access them? I could not find the on he program menus and the term does not appear in the User’s Guide.

Thank you

I think he means the history setting in the Alarm table.

Thank you Beno, that helped. In my case (apparently same as gausfres) I forgot to re-Add the Alarm Points.

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