PAC Display 9.6

Is there an Auto Save feature for this program? If there is, how can I turn it on? Tired of losing time when working in this program. Maybe an auto recovery system like in AutoCad… ??


That would be a nice feature for sure, especially when configurator can be a little mischievous. All I can recommend is saving frequently, using the File, Archive feature, and report the bugs.

If you have a bug you can reproduce be sure to e-mail support about it, they are pretty quick to fix the reproducible ones. The ones that are harder to reproduce, or only appear after running for several hours … those are a challenge - I could go on…and on…

I know that undo is broken in 9.6 and they were able to fix that with one of the latest ftp builds. I’ve been on a mission to report these bugs as I find them so I can get all my customers off 9.3…:sob: Also, I find it is important to be persistent with getting your issue resolved, squeaky wheel gets the grease, just be understanding that an issue that happens on your machine may not happen on Opto’s which makes it difficult to find a fix.

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No, there is no auto-save.
I just got in the habit of hitting crtl+s pretty often - very often - when I was building the rather large pac display project at the hospital.

I would love to see both an auto save and some sort of versioning built in… Will see about adding them to the new feature request list…

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Don’t tease us with your talk of versioning if it’s not going to happen… This is definitely at the top of my list.

More to the point, I’ve also been wanting an auto save for years, going back to OptoDisplay 4.0. The best thing I came up with was writing a script in AutoHotKey that would monitor for when OptoDisplay/PAC Display was active with no modal windows and then ask me every 5 minutes or so if I wanted to save, which it did for me if I clicked yes. It was annoying, but worth it after losing work in OptoDisplay countless times due to crashes.

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Care to share the AHK script?

I’ll find it. I haven’t used it on my current PC because I’m not doing much work in PAC display, but I’m sure I still have it. I’ll update when I find it.

There is an option to create a numbered version of the PAC Display project each time the project is saved. To enable this option in your Display project:

· Open your project in PAC Display Configurator;
· Go to File > Configurator Options;
· Select “Auto Increment Version on Save”

Engineering requests have been submitted for:

  • Auto-Save option, and
  • Versioning option

Can you provide any details for these options so that Engineering can be clear on what and how you want these implemented?

Perhaps we can specify at what time periods we would like to Auto-Save, maybe every 5, 10, 15 and 20 minutes etc…
Versioning by increment is great