PAC Controller blocking port 22001?

I have a system using a SNAP-PAC-R1 for I/O, using an old program (Lookout by National Instruments) and we want to start using PAC Control instead. So I made a strategy and tried to download it to the controller and got an error code -10057.

The Ethernet connection is definitely there; I can ping the controller ( from the PC with PAC Control ( Both are on the same subnet.

I asked my network admin if the switches might be blocking communication through port 22001, and he said there are no firewalls there. He was unable to connect to controller port 22001 via telnet, so he thinks the controller has a local firewall, but I can’t find any information about this in the manual.

I can also connect via PAC Manager. I had to set Communications > Network Security > Control Engine to 22001 as it defaulted to 0. Under “IP FILTERS”, all the addresses and masks are set to I have also restarted the controller though PAC Manager.

Using PAC Message Viewer, I got the following:

Does anyone have any idea why the controller might block this port? Or maybe something else is the problem?

Welcome to the Opto22 forums Toni.

PAC Manager uses UDP on port 2001
PAC Control uses TCP on port 22001

So, with that difference, some possibilities are:
Windows Firewall. This would be one of the most common. If you can turn it off for a test, that would be best.
The fact that the controller control engine port was set to 0 somehow makes me think that controller has seen some action. Perhaps a paper clip reset would not be out of the question as its hard to say what other settings have been tinkered with.
Lastly, double check the settings for the two ports on the controller. Via PAC Manager, we try and not let customers set both ports to be on the same subnet, but again, given the 0 on the control engine, perhaps someone has set them via another means and so the controller might will be replying to your download via the other port with a different gateway.

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I resolved this problem with product support: turns out I wasn’t writing the new port configuration to flash.