PAC Control unable to open file

Hi all,

Currently trying to open a R10.4C PAC control file that was working previously on a GRV-EPIC-PR1, however I am now getting the error “unexpected file format” when trying to open it. Some previously working files are also no longer opening, however I can still open the examples, so I am not sure what this issue is.

Sounds like files may have been open with a newer version of PACControl.

Are these other PACControl configuration files ?

Do you have PACProject 10.5 on this PC? If so try to open with 10.5 (backup the directory prior since it may be something else).

I’ve had PACControl files get corrupted in the past (not 10.4) without any explanation BUT it was only the configuration I was working on and not others. When this happened I suspected a long tagname but this was never confirmed - used a backup and shortened the name and things worked (it could have been something else).

I’ve also had issues with the configuration being too nested in directories - couldn’t open the file or supporting files (not the Error you had). When this happened, we moved directory and was able to open the configuration (this was on an older version of PACControl). If you moved project directories, try to put under the base directory to open.

Hopefully you Archive your configurations - unzip and try to load.