PAC Control Start Chart

Hello everyone, I’m new to this software, and frankly control systems in general. I am having some trouble starting charts.

I am using PAC Control to create a strategy for a sampling system. On my power up chart I am trying to start two charts at the beginning before looping a “menu” of options for the operators to select. However, I can only get chart 1 to start.

I am using the start chart command, as I do not want to call another chart and suspend running my power up chart. I tried creating a new chart (in the event that I accidentally changed a setting) and putting the blocks into it, but that didn’t work. If I remove chart 1 and only try to start chart 2 it still does not start. I am not getting a (-5) value in the call status variable, I am getting a 0, which i should if it was working, but its not.

Is there some sort of “order of operations” that I am unaware of? Or perhaps a setting? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

There is no ‘setting’ as such, just a limit on the total number of charts you can run at once.
PAC R controller = 16
PAC S controller = 32
SoftPAC (Windows) = 64
groov EPIC = 64

As for the order of operations, yes, there is a bit of logic that should be followed. Perhaps have a read of the best practices guide, it might clear up any confusion around starting charts and loops.

When the charts reach the end they automatically stop. If you need a chart to run continuously, they need to loop. So I suspect your chart is starting, doing one pass through and stopping, or you have a block that isn’t connected.

If you open your chart that doesn’t stay running, you can go to Edit | Find, select Missing Connections and click Find. This will show you any block that when hit will stop the chart afterwards.

Thank you, I was able to resolve the problem, but I appreciate the information as I am sure I will run into this issue eventually.

Thanks for the file, I was able to find some advice that helped me to sort out my issues.