PAC Control - Socket is Not Connected error

While uploading PAC Control strategy to a groov EPIC running 1.5 I get:

Socket is not connected. Code: -10057

I can connect to groov Manager through the browser no problem and can ping the device. I’ve tried deleting and remaking the Control Engine, rebooting everything, attempted to connect through PAC terminal (same error).

Context - I previously updated to 2.0 but had some issues with I/O being detected in PAC control so I reverted to 1.5.

Sounds like your PAC Control Engine is not running.
From the groov Manage home page, click on Controller then PAC Controller.
Make sure the control engine is enabled and its running.

Failing that, the only other thing that might throw that error number is having the control engine misconfigured in PAC Terminal.
Double check the hostname or IP address.

Sorry to hear about the 2.0 issues.
Support would be very interested in hearing about it so we can duplicate it here and get it sorted.

Thanks for the quick response,
I’ll definitely install the update again when I have time. I think my issues with 2.0 are because I don’t have all the modules connected to the EPIC right now because I’m working from home. So my I/O Units in PAC Control aren’t all physically there - 1.5 didn’t seem to care but 2.0 does.

the PAC Control Engine was showing up as ‘Enabled’ in groov Manager. I disabled and re-enabled it just to make sure.

Hmmm, Ok so the controller is running.
Pac Manager uses a different port number (2001) than the control engine (22001), as does PING.
Scratching my head here a bit, but check the firewall… Something is stopping PAC Terminal and PAC Control from reaching the control engine.
ie, there is some sort of networking issue going on between the PC and the EPIC.

Yep it seems to be a firewall issue, I’ll have to contact my company IT to get it unlocked. Not sure why it was fine yesterday but oh well.